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The Luncheon Society/Mary Buffett on Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets/SF-One Market/March 31, 2010

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Whenever Warren Buffett speaks at an event, somebody in the audience usually asks for a stock tip.  Buffett will pause, only to reply, “Please forgive me, I really don’t follow the stock market.”

The house will convulse in laughter, as it always does when the questions is posed. On the surface, it might appear odd or even counterintuitive that one of the world’s richest investors does not follow the stock market. However, what Buffett does—and does so well—is that he researches the company’s revenue picture and more importantly, searches for organizations that offers a durable competitive advantage for the long term.

It was a pleasure to have Mary Buffett , an old friend, join The Luncheon Society for a conversation on how Warren Buffett’s investment mind works. Mary, along with co-author David Clark have created a series of books under the banner of Buffettology, to help investors better understand how he grew Berkshire Hathaway into the investment powerhouse that it is today. 


Mary’s latest best-selling book is “Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets: Proven Tools for Personal and Business Success,” which has had a smashing run on the business best seller lists and her books have been translated into 17 languages and published internationally by over a dozen publishing houses.   The question they ask is this: Can Warren Buffett’s decision-making offer a keyhole into how he makes his investment choices.  The answer is “yes.”

It is fair to say that Mary Buffett has lived an interesting life.  At a young age, she found herself working in the music industry alongside a variety of people including Phil Spector. Later, she served as the Managing Director at Playboy/After Dark Records and managed Hef’s music businesses. She later co-founded a post-production company called Independent Sound, which provided musical content for a wide range of clients, including a wide variety of commercials as well as motion pictures, like “Dancing with Wolves.” Continue reading