What People Say @TLS

”Early 21st century America is making genuine thoughtful conversation more rare each day. The Luncheon Society is an important exception, one that successfully preserves civil discourse on important books, authors, and ideas of our time.  In the relaxed, congenial atmosphere of a round-table lunch, enlightened and inquisitive minds explore cutting-edge issues that our society must address, sooner or later.”  Retired US Senator and former Presidential candidate Gary Hart

“It is my pleasure and a great honor to be a part of The Luncheon Society as both a speaker and a participant around the table. With each event, participants and speakers communicate in a way where great ideas ping-pong around the table, all surrounded by a sumptuous lunch. At a time when people talk past each other, The Luncheon Society allows for something special—true communication amongst each other. Mary Buffett—New York Times Best-selling author, “The Tao of Warren Buffett,” “Buffettology “ Series, and 7 other best-selling business books.

“I’m used to explaining my work and trying to solicit participation by using gorgeous graphics in a darkened auditorium – it’s mostly my talking and little chance for interchange.  Now put me into a lovely restaurant back room at a lunch gathering, and the gorgeous graphics take a hit, but the conversation is much more rewarding!  I attend The Luncheon Society as both a speaker and as a listener – both sides of this culinary equation work well.” Jill Tarter, Director The SETI Institute, 2009 TED® Award Winner

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