Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Luncheon Society–we are catching up.

Okay  Gang, we’re behind again on our Luncheon Society narratives.  We had  great gatherings with  David Maraniss in Manhattan and a knockout gathering with character actor extraordinaire Stephen Tobolowsky in LA.  We also had a great one with Abrahm Lustgartenin San Francisco on the problems with BP’s management that led to the disaster in the Gulf. Then we had wonderful gatherings with Lanny Davis and Michael Steele in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Hanna Rosin, who wrote “The End of Men,” stopped down in San Francisco.  Neil Barofsky, the former Enforcement Czar of TARP talked about real transparency in a “too big to fail age.” We finished things off with a 40th anniversary conversation with Academy Award winning screenwriter Jeremy Larner, who wrote “The Candidate.” 

More to come.  I am spending some extra time getting them up on line.