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The Luncheon Society at 25

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We hoped to spend 2020 celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Luncheon Society,
but clearly this was not a celebratory year.
In a year where we transitioned to “Zoom gatherings,” we thought we would reflect upon the great fun we have had over the past 25 years.
So we will celebrate more in our 26th season, starting in January.
Scroll down to review the past 25 seasons.


 25 Seasons and Beyond.

Maybe you joined us for some of these gatherings.
Maybe it was on the infamous Christopher Hitchens post- luncheon pub crawl.
Maybe you heard Jane Goodall drop the F bomb.
Or when Warren Christopher said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, way back in 2003.
Or the time Buzz Aldrin joked that he didn’t watch the moon landing on television because he was “clearly out of town.”
Or the time when Paul Krugman asked Linda Ronstadt to “sing her question” as opposed to simply asking it.
Or the time that a 90 year old former Mayor of San Francisco drank us all under the table. 
Or the Roger Ebert gathering, 48 hours after the Academy Awards, which went long into the Santa Monica evening and the aspiring actors working as waiters slipped their headshots and screenplays under the dinner plates.
Or Temple Grandin on how she thinks.
Or when Ted Sorensen talked us through the Cuban Missile Crisis and how close we all came to Nuclear Armageddon.
Or the master class in absolute courage with two members of The Little Rock Nine.
Or maybe you heard Joyce Carol Oates simply read her brilliant work.
Or maybe you came to enjoy the moment.

Thank you. 

The 26th season starts in January with Mike Dukakis, as always.
Now that we are on Zoom, you can join us from anywhere.
The Luncheon Society. We are Adult Drop-in Daycare. 

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