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The Luncheon Society/An update with Global Explorer Roz Savage/SF-Fior D’Italia/April 10, 2012

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When you’ve surmounted the unimaginable, what do you do next?

For Roz Savage, she completed something magnificent when after she experienced the implosion of her personal life as a consultant in London. While sitting down one day, she wrote her obituary of what would amount to a long and full life; cube farming in London was not part of the picture.

She put down her briefcase, picked up a set of oars and was off to explore the world.  In 2006, Roz participated as the only female solo rower in the Atlantic Rowing Race and spent a harrowing 103 days rowing from The Canary Islands to the beaches of Antigua. 

She joined us for a very intimate luncheon at Fior D’Italia in San Francisco to give us a look to the next chapter of her life.

As she recounted in her book, Rowing the Atlantic—Lessons Learned on the Open Ocean ,  which was published in 2009 and became the subject of two Luncheon Society gatherings, one in San Francisco and another in Los Angeles., she recounted how the technology which told her friends that she was still alive began to fail her as she struggled to survive in a hostile place. Radios failed, oars snapped, but through it all she persevered and made it alive. Continue reading