Daily Archives: June 6, 2010

The Luncheon Society/Roz Savage completes her solo Pacific row.

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Our Luncheon Society friend Roz Savage completed her solo row across the Pacific Ocean last week.  She broke the voyage into three legs, the first from San Francisco to Hawaii in 2008, the second, from Hawaii to Kiribati in 2009, and finally the third leg from Kiribati to Madang in Papua New Guinea, which she completed on Friday.

All in all, Roz covered 8,000 miles in a 23ft boat. To view the Luncheon Society summary from her meetings with the Los Angeles and San Francisco groups, link here.  


As quoted in today’s London Daily Mail, “I’m already starting to think about the next one.” Roz previously crossed the Atlantic in 103 days and uses her trips to promote environmental causes.

Well done, Roz; well done indeed.

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